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New Topical Song – Talking Future U.S.A.

Zum Abschluß des Events 2015 ( siehe Programm 2015 ) spielte Michel Montecrossa ein Konzert in Auerstedt und stellte seinen “New Topical Song” vor …

Talking Future U.S.A. – Über die Zukunfts U.S.A. Reden – Michel Montecrossa’s Song triggered by the U.S.A. presidential race from Michel Montecrossa on Vimeo.

With his New-Topical-Song ‘Talking Future U.S.A. – Über die Zukunfts U.S.A. Reden’, released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio Single, DVD and as Download, Michel Montecrossa enters the stage of the U.S.A. presidential race on the crossroads of Wall Street nation and Space Age Future.
Michel Montecrossa in this song cuts through all noise and makes clear that “the great U.S.A. must bring the great leap into the United States of Planet Earth, must secure the great peace that unites beyond sorrow, the happy freedom of our young tomorrow.“

Michel Montecrossa about ‘Talking Future U.S.A. – Über die Zukunfts U.S.A. Reden’:
“‘Talking Future U.S.A. – Über die Zukunfts U.S.A. Reden’ goes full circle from Wall Street U.S.A. to what people really need, from the money and greed empire to the United States Of Planet Earth, from war to peace and freedom, from horror and pain to Space Age Future of a United Humanity, from Hillary Clinton to Elizabeth Warren.“

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